Digital water level sensors provide you with online knowledge about water levels in the countryside so that you can act promptly and in time

If you need to measure water levels from above or below, we have the solution delivering online data 24/7.
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Digital water level sensor is available with one of the two sensor types below:

  • Pressure sensor, recording below water and up towards the water surface. Is highly suited for weedy areas;
  • Ultrasound sensor recording from above down to the water surface. Is easy to install in areas without vegetation and spans great height differences in water quantities, such as tide or extreme events.
The digital water level sensors can be placed in all environments regardless of weather and/or wind conditions.
Our customers use the digital water level sensors to replace analog readings of water levels in rivers, watercourses, rain water and overfall basins. It allows the user to see the current water level and water level trends of the sensor selected online.

Digital water level sensor with rain gauge

If you need to combine precipitation sensors with the digital water level sensors, we also offer a combined solution.
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Solution developed in Denmark

The digital water level sensor has been developed and assembled in Denmark using proprietary hardware and standard components.


The objective of developing our own sensors is to be able to offer you a reliable, easily accessible and affordable sensor solution adapted to the Danish climate, delivering valuable and valid data every 15 minutes 24/7. Their low cost price allows several recording locations enabling fine-meshed monitoring of water supplies into waterways and reservoirs. This provides the best possible basis of targeted action in relation to existing needs.

Who uses digital water level sensors? What are their applications?

The digital water level sensors are widely used in municipalities and utility companies in Denmark and are one of several Smart City solutions.

Examples of customer applications:

  • To replace current analog scale posts with modern IT and digital monitoring using a PC;
  • To act pro-actively and reduce the amount of rush work;
  • To get alarms on reflux and backing up of water at mouths of rivers into the sea where the tide can impact water levels;
  • To document why flooding is likely to happen at junctions;
  • To measure if measures will solve problems of backwater in nature;
  • To reduce nuisance for people in areas affected by unwanted water.

We have customers in companies and agencies:

We have customers in nature parks:

We have customers in municipalities:

We cooperate with municipalities throughout the country:

Technique used - the sensor:

  • 1- or 2-metre pole with a scale;
  • Recording span of 1 - 2 metres with a tolerance of +/-1cm;
  • Variant with an ultrasound sensor can be installed on bridges and the like; max. 5m recording span;
  • Available with elevation measuring-in;
  • Available with rain water sensor;
  • Delivered as standard in environments with a maximum water depth of 100cm;
  • Other water depths acc. to quotation;
  • Approved for use in fresh and salt water.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020  research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 774187