Integration with other IT solutions

Make even better use of your sensor data by integrating it with other IT solutions.
  • Download your sensor data to your own sensor database or operating system via the API interface to the IoT platform;
  • Show your sensordata in the IT-system you're already using
Using our sensors and IoT platform, you will have a strong data basis. This makes it easier to make better fact-based decisions. With sensor data, you will have an important source which may help streamline your costs.
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How to get started?

It is easy to get started making the most of the benefits of integration with other IT solutions.

Collect your own sensordata

If you are an existing customer, you can cost-free use the API interface to the IoT platform at once. Then you can, for example, create your own sensor database and display data together with other data from your organization.

Get sensor data in your IT system

Klimator DK collaborates with various suppliers of IT systems, which provide solutions for various industries. Together we offer ready-made standard integrations.
  • APX10 from Cimbria
  • DriftWeb from Sweco
  • iFix SRO from Novotek
  • Mastra from the Danish Road Directorate
  • Hydrometry from Orbicon WSP
  • Road Status Information (RSI) fra Klimator  
If you want to use a standard integration for one of the IT systems, simply contact us. Then we begin the integration procedure. Together with the supplier of your IT system, you can then agree on different setups that suit your specific needs and workflows.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020  research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 774187