Klimator DK's sensor concept

We deliver sensor concepts that, without any hassle, will give you the data you need.
This means that we handle all installation, operation and monitoring of the device, so you can simply concentrate on using the supplied data and e.g. respond to your automated alarms. It is called "DaaS - Data as a Service", - we call it "IoT in rubber boots". Our nationwide service organisation is ready to establish and service from the deepest forest to the muddy stream and all the way into the city.
We are used to working in those environments and have great knowledge of where and how the sensors are set up and maintained. This assures you that the data can flow in and work where you need it.

The Data-as-a-Service concept includes:

  • Setup of the sensor so that it measures correctly and has the proper connection;
  • Account on our web platform where you can see your data;
  • API that makes it possible to integrate with other systems;
  • Setup of (e.g.) integration to your own systems;
  • Monitoring - whether the sensor is active;
  • Service of the sensor if it ceases to be active, including battery replacement;
  • Replacement in the event of, for example, operational damage;
  • Moving the sensor according to your needs.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020  research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 774187