Package solutions - is your path to success - basic, standard or premium?

You can of course be responsible for your IoT project from the time the sensors are installed, and you can view data on the IoT platform. However, we experience that many customers want to utilize Klimator DK's experiences to help create momentum and effect in the projects. Therefore, we have put together three different targeted package solutions based on our practical experience of what gives customers the greatest success. Each package meets different needs and has different effects.
  • Basic > is a start-up aid and is used when a new type of sensor is to be used in the organization
  • Standard > is recommended for all organizations that want help with a good foundation and plan
  • Premium > is recommended for organizations that want help for success throughout the project
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Are you a self-builder, or do you need premium service?

Only a few can do without the foundation for good IoT implementation. We call this the Basic package. In most cases, however, we recommend the Standard package, which ensures you good opportunities to succeed with our IoT sensor solutions.

What effect will you and your organization have?

With the Basic package, you get basic start-up help to get started utilizing the benefits of data from the sensors. The basic package is recommended as a start each time a new sensor type is put into operation. After the Basic package, you can add the Standard or Premium package, or you can select, for example, the Standard package from the beginning. It depends on your needs, schedule, resources and competencies to lead a good IoT project.

Pakkeløsninger med guides til jeres behov

Contents Basis Standard Premium
Project platform
Preparation for project
Goals and success criteria
Installation procedure Includes purchase of sensor
Iot-platform Includes purchase of sensor
Risk analysis
Business Case
Project description
Project Management

Individual package for your organization

We are also happy to put together an individual solution for you if you have specific wishes and needs. Here are some examples of tasks we can help with.

Project Management

  • Sparring on project management, project basis, method and tools
  • Project management of your project
  • Project management / consultant on process optimization of workflows
  • Project management / sparring on utilization of integration / API from HedeDanmark's IoT platform for own systems and workflows

Technology and data

  • Sparring / knowledge sharing about practical experiences with different IT systems and integration
  • Sparring / development of reports in Microsoft Power BI
  • Technical sparring / consulting / development around Business Intelligence via our partner

About project management and consulting services from HedeDanmark Digital

Klimator DK provides project management and consulting services based on specialization in change management, digitization, digital transformation and certification in project management as well as many years of practical experience from various companies. We base our project management and consulting services on trust, open and informal dialogue, where you as a customer are strongly involved and must have ownership of the process.
If you need advanced technical IT advice, for example on integration with your own databases and Business Intelligence, we use our experienced partner.


Meeting activities can be partially conducted online through Microsoft Teams, but there will also be a need for physical meetings.
Documentation is done via Microsoft Teams, which Klimator DK provides access to via an online Teamsite. As a customer, you have access to the information as long as you have a collaboration agreement with Klimator DK. As a customer, you can freely download documents etc. to your own systems from Microsoft Teams.
You decide which employees should have access to Microsoft Teams.
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