Subtle people counters provide knowledge about people's use and needs for maintenance and refuse collection

Visitor figures are useful information for forests, parks, shelter sites, running or MTB trails. This not only serves to highlight the use of the areas but also to ensure a correctly matched maintenance response.
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Our people counter sensors can easily be mounted in our green areas without disturbing people or animals. The people counter can be placed in all environments regardless of weather and/or wind conditions.
Our customers use people counter sensors to obtain knowledge about the visit pattern throughout the year and also to be able to estimate the amount of refuse, adapt the effort and ensure maintenance during periods of high and low activity in the area.


The objective of developing our own sensors is to be able to offer a reliable, easily accessible and affordable sensor solution adapted to the Danish climate, delivering valuable and valid data. We found an excellent alternative for people counters delivering measurements every hour for every 10 minutes 24/7. Their low cost price allows several recording locations enabling fine-meshed monitoring of paths, forests, cycle routes, parks and culture attractions. This provides the best possible basis of targeted action in relation to existing needs.  

Who uses personal counters? What are they used for?

Personal counters are widely used in the country's municipalities and forests as well as at cultural attractions and entertainment areas and are included as one of several Smart City solutions. Our customers also include the Danish Nature Agency, national parks and research-based studies from universities in Denmark.

Examples of customer applications:

  • To know which periods of the year have a high level of activities and consequently high need of maintenance;
  • To know which routes are most widely used to ensure the best possible maintenance;
  • To know which areas are seldom used and either highlight them in marketing or discontinue them and optimise the budgets by focusing on other areas;
  • To act pro-actively and reduce the amount of rush work;
  • To document which new recreational offers are being used by the public;
  • To measure if measures will solve problems of missing activity - or too high activity.

We have customers in companies and agencies:

We have customers in nature parks:

We have customers in municipalities:

We cooperate with municipalities throughout the country:

Technique used - the sensor:

  • Discrete black unit with information on the sensor;
  • Measures 8x8cm and can be placed on pictogram posts or other places, dependent on needs;
  • Records pedestrians, runners, bikers and riders up to a speed of approx. 20 km/h;
  • Records approx. 2.5m from the sensor and across paths, entrances etc.;
  • Uploads data directly to the cloud. No manual readings.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020  research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 774187