Road Weather Stations provide you with online knowledge about road conditions so that you can act promptly and in time

Our Road Weather Stations allow you to record road conditions and optimise your winter services.
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What are Road Weather Stations?

Our Road Weather Stations record humidity, air temperature and road temperature. They are battery powered but transmit on a so-called 0G network using small data packets prolonging runtimes to years on a station.

How to install the Road Weather Stations

The Road Weather Stations can be placed in all environments regardless of weather and/or wind conditions, in the city or in the countryside.
The stations are installed on the roadside, cycle path, parking lot or the like, where a groove is cut into the pavement to install the temperature sensor after which the groove is covered with a suitable filler matching the pavement material.

Monitoring road conditions

The Road Weather Station delivers data every 15 minutes providing your road supervisor with current data about icy road conditions exactly where the station is installed. The data is easily accessible from a purpose-built browser-based platform where alarms can be set and notifications can be delivered when self-elected recorded values are reached at the stations. Data can also be uploaded using the RSI solution where the data can be related to the roads and locations where you have to carry out salting/gritting.

Road Weather Station with rain gauge

If you need to combine precipitation sensors with the Road Weather Station, we also offer a combined solution. Local precipitation can provide valuable input to assess or calculate the remaining salt quantity.
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Solution developed in Denmark

The Road Weather Stations have been developed and assembled in Denmark using proprietary hardware and standard components.


The objective of developing our own sensors is to be able to offer you a reliable, easily accessible and affordable sensor solution adapted to the Danish climate, delivering valuable and valid data every 15 minutes 24/7. Their low cost price allows several recording locations enabling fine-meshed monitoring of class 1, 2 and 3 roads, parking areas, pedestrian streets, bike paths and other areas. This provides the best possible basis of targeted action in relation to existing needs.

Who uses Road Weather Stations? What are their applications?

Road Weather Stations are widely used in municipalities, by retailers, housing associations and utility companies in Denmark and are one of several Smart City solutions.

Examples of customer applications:

  • To complement existing recording stations with additional local units;
  • To act pro-actively and act correctly in response situations;
  • To get alarms about critical weather conditions, dew points and cold roads with a risk of icy roads;
  • To document when junctions have been icy;
  • To reduce nuisance for people in areas which have previously had no local temperature and humidity measurements;
  • The data of the Road Weather Stations can be brought to even better use through a system of recalculating sensor data at road level. The system is called Road Status Information.

We have customers in companies and agencies:

We have customers in nature parks:

We have customers in municipalities:

We cooperate with municipalities throughout the country:

Technique used - the sensor:

  • The recording system is located at a height of 2m in accordance with general standards for recording air temperature and humidity;
  • A thermal cable installed in the road surface is able to record up to 2.5m from the location of the post;
  • Includes a battery and uploads live in the cloud; electricity/internet connections for the unit are not required;
  • Available with rain water sensor;
  • Available as standard in all types of asphalt;
  • Approved for use throughout Denmark.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020  research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 774187