Smart City in practice

Get a more intelligent city with smart data, which via sensors follows important facilities, functions and services. Use data to create better service, security and make more optimal use of resources.
  • Get an overview, follow developments and get documentation on initiatives and events
  • Share data in real time with important stakeholders, eg in the city and in the countryside
  • Optimize your time and resource consumption via task management with sensor data in eg Sweco DriftWeb
With our sensors and IoT platform, you get a strong data base. Then it is easier to make better decisions based on facts. With sensor data, you have an important source that can help streamline your costs.
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How do you get started?

It's easy to get started utilizing the benefits of using sensors in the city. You can take it one step at a time, as you and your organization get ready. You can of course choose the areas that exactly suit your needs.
Here are some examples of questions that examiners can help answer and thus make everyday life easier:
  • How many people move through passages, gates or on paths in the park?
  • ­  How many bikes on the bike path or mountain bike trail?
  • ­  Is the road or bike path slippery and need salting or other service?
  • ­  When is a facility such as a playground, benches, shelters, etc. used?
  • ­  Is it raining in the park or pedestrian street now?
  • ­  Is the trail too wet or flooded?
  • ­  Should the trash be emptied?
  • ­ When should trees, shrubs or flowers be watered, for example in the pedestrian zone, in pots, troughs, roundabouts, parks, beds, etc.?

Get answers to your questions about IoT sensors

  • Book an introductory meeting with us
  • Select areas and locations from which you want data
  • Order the desired number of sensors from us
  • Get an introduction to the IoT platform with maps and reports etc.
  • Set alarms for eg service level, water level, humidity, etc.
  • Perform inspections, tasks, etc. when you receive an e-mail or SMS
We provide installation, monitoring of data and ensure operation of the sensors. Then you can safely focus on using data to, for example, perform government tasks and operations.

Do you want further optimization of tasks and operation based on data from IoT sensors?

  • Order connection of integration to eg Sweco DriftWeb
  • Customize your task manager to take advantage of sensor data
  • Perform inspections, service, cleaning, signage, etc. when you receive a task that is now based on sensor data
Of course, you can also retrieve sensor data for your own database via the interface (API) for the IoT platform. From here, you can create your own reports using the tools you know.
If you want the integration to Sweco Driftweb,, SRO system or other systems, just contact us and we will take care of the process until you can see your data.
If you want dynamic reports with real-time data that is displayed directly on your website (eg Power BI), you can also get help.

What does it cost?

Once we know your needs and goals, we prepare a concrete offer. Then we make a schedule with you for the different activities. The price therefore depends on the number of sensors and whether you already have the IoT platform, want project management, etc. Here are some price examples:
  • IoT platform DKK 4,000
  • Sensors from DKK 249
  • Annual subscription from DKK 399
  • Integrations from DKK 5,000
  • Project management from DKK 950 per hour
Want to know more and have a presentation of the concept?
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More information

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020  research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 774187