Smart watering

Get even more out of sensor data by letting the sensor tell you when to water.
  • Give the trees the best conditions with timely watering and water volume
  • Take advantage of automatic calculation of irrigation needs
  • Optimize time and resource consumption via task management with sensor data in eg Sweco DriftWeb
With our sensors and IoT platform, you get a strong data base. Then it is easier to make better decisions based on facts. With sensor data, you have an important source that can help streamline your costs.
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How do you get started?

Getting started with the benefits of Smart Irrigation is easy. You can take it one step at a time as you and your organization are ready.

Smart watering step 1 - basic

  • Select a number of trees you want to care for via Smart Irrigation
  • Order the desired number of sensors that can represent 1 or more trees with the same growth ratio
  • Get an introduction to the IoT platform with maps and reports etc.
  • Let the sensor run for a while so that accurate data is collected for each location
  • Set alarms for the minimum humidity level
  • Perform watering when receiving an email or SMS

Smart irrigation step 2 - integration for operation and task management

  • Order connection of integration to Sweco DriftWeb or other operating system
  • Customize your task manager to take advantage of sensor data
  • Perform irrigation when you receive a task that is now based on sensor data
If you want the integration with Sweco DriftWeb or other operating systems, just contact us. Then we take care of the process until you can see your sensor data.

Where can you use Smart Irrigation?

There are many opportunities to take advantage of Smart Irrigation. It is almost only the imagination that sets the limits. Here are some examples:
  • New plantings: eg pedestrian streets, parks, avenues, along roads, Christmas trees, etc.
  • Drought-sensitive areas: eg pots, tubs, troughs, roundabouts or other with fixed sides / surfaces
  • Long distances: eg city or park trees, which are located far from your daily location
  • Requirements for dryness: eg whether a mountain bike trail or trail is dry enough to use
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More informations

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020  research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 774187