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Sensor solutions developed in Denmark to be used in nature

Klimator DK develops various sensors in cooperation with Danish engineers and produces them in Denmark. We are using proprietary hardware and firmware combined with standard components.
The objective is to be able to offer a reliable, easily accessible and affordable sensor solution adapted to the Danish climate and to deliver valuable and valid data. Their low cost price allows several recording locations enabling more fine-meshed monitoring of relevant elements in nature.
Concurrently with the proprietary technology, we are monitoring which sensors from around the world would be suitable for our purposes of letting nature talk, to provide us with input for information and action. Our person counters have thus been developed in New Zealand but are distributed and implemented in Denmark by Klimator DK.

Sensor design

All sensors have been designed as "all in one" units. They are battery-powered and consist of the sensor, a small computer with memory and a transmitter integrated in a weatherproof electronic box.
This means that they can be placed in all environments regardless of weather and/or wind conditions. Naturally, all sensors are CE certified.
The sensors are usually mounted on accompanying poles - learn more about the individual sensor solutions using the link below.
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The sensor transmits data via a so-called Internet of Things (IoT) network called Sigfox. Klimator DK is a partner with IoT Danmark which sets up and runs the Sigfox network in Denmark. Sigfox covers 99.7% of Denmark.
The network is also called a 0G network and is characterised by the fact that it transmits very small data packets. Our sensors transmit one or more recorded values with a time stamp every 15 minutes 24/7/365. The battery life is long, from 2-10 years dependent on the sensor type.

Access to data

You will get access to the sensors through our web-based IoT platform. The best experience is achieved by Chrome and Edge/Edge Chromium browsers which are supported 2 versions back.


Using the matching API, data can be transferred easily to your own platforms, whether it is your own operating systems or displaying data on internal or external web pages.
We also offer direct integration with operating systems such as SWECO DriftWeb, MASTRA etc. or presentation of data on the watercourse site hydrometri.dk.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020  research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 774187