Winter Road Status Information – use the Road Weather Stations and RSI software for targeted salting/gritting and put your resources to optimum use

Several local Road Weather Stations combined with the RSI software solution – Road Status Information – to monitor icy road conditions dynamically and target salting/gritting throughout your area.
We deliver Road Weather Stations and are delivery partners with Swedish Klimator for the IT solution "Road Status Information" (RSI) in Denmark. Klimator is a Swedish company and experts in road climatology. They have delivered road weather forecasts since 1999 through a modern and refined model in RSI. Combining our Road Weather Stations and the RSI system we are able to offer you a better basis for your salting/gritting responses.

Find out how your municipality can benefit from Klimator products in terms of: savings, salt utilization and environmental Impact.
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See our Road Weather Stations

Our Road Weather Stations allow you to record road conditions and optimise your winter services.
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What is RSI?

Road Status Information (RSI) is a Software-as-a-service-solution, that is used through the internet in a browser. Consequently, no software needs to be installed before you can start using the solution.
With this system you'll get an overview of winter weather conditions through access to data from recording stations along roads and bike paths and on parking lots and the like.

Which recording stations are available with RSI?

The RSI system is able to read data from existing recording stations and from HedeDanmark's Road Weather Stations as well as other input from, for instance, ice truck measurements, data from connected fleet vehicles etc.

How is our overview combined in RSI?

Recorded data from the Road Weather Stations are processed together with weather models, topography, shadow conditions etc. and are related to road sections of as little as 25 metres. This allows you to see the current and immediate weather conditions through forecasts in various themes in map layers in the system.

What do Road Weather Stations and RSI do for your winter services?

By using HedeDanmark's Road Weather Stations in combination with RSI, you will get a state-of-the-art data-driven basis of your winter services where constant monitoring of the icy road conditions in your specific areas will ensure optimum use of staff, equipment and gritting in your winter services.
  • General and detailed monitoring;
  • Avoid unnecessary responses;
  • Improve your response times in icy road conditions;
  • Save grit and other gritting agents;
  • Ensure safer roads locally.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020  research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 774187